Sleep Sacks For Babies - Given that getting pretty darn cold out today (many of us in the US have experienced colder than normal temperatures, due to the winter storm Cleon), we thought it would be appropriate to bring you articles about dressing your baby to sleep in the winter. How warm your baby should be at night? Let's see!

Do not Dress Your Baby Too Warm

It is a safe bet that most caring, loving parents (and we know it's just what you are!) More in danger of wearing their clothes too baby to sleep, rather than underdressing them, because we are worried about our baby feels cold.

But remember, the baby is too warm will not sleep well (as you may not sleep well if you feel too hot). In fact, toddlers and preschoolers are too warm at night may be more likely to have nightmares or night terrors. So avoid the desire to accumulate on the fur, because it can make your baby too warm.

In fact, the ideal sleeping temperature for most children and adults is a little on the cool side - right around 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Not sure if your baby is too hot or too cold? Does a 'skin checks' - your child's skin should be comfortable to the touch and even a little cold (but not cold / cold.)

Dressing Your Baby To Sleep

Here are some general guidelines for what a baby to sleep in at different ages, but you have to use your best judgment based on where you live, how hot / cold you keep the temperature in your house while your baby is sleeping, and preferences of your baby (some will be more choose to be warmer than others), and several other factors. This is just a guide, and you know your baby best.

For newborns

For newborn babies wrapped, Nicole recommend onesie under light bed-and-play clothing (long sleeves in winter). In summer, you may be able to skip the clothing feet or socks, but in the winter, you might want to keep them in. If your baby is no longer wrapped, read the 'Baby' below.

Then, on top of this, you can swaddle your baby snuggly in a light cotton blanket. Make sure that you are comfortable enough that swaddle your baby can not kick the covers loose, but not so tight that he could not move his legs and breathe comfortably.

For Baby

Once your baby has grown a bit and you try to stop swaddling your baby, you can dress your baby just like a newborn baby, but then consider the sleep sack, not the diaper. It provides warmth without suffocation hazard associated with loose blankets.


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